Man Up, John Conyers! Man Up!

After Years of Impeachment Talk, John Conyers Balks
Rep. John Conyers Jr., center, and other Democrats held a mock impeachment hearing as a protest against the war in Iraq in the capital basement. (June 2005)
…But, today he backs off from his years of mock impeachment hearings.

I now see why Daily Kos readers are angry…
Their democratic politicians keep playing with them.

Where’s the love?

For years, since the War in Iraq began in March 2003, democrats have been fighting the US, the allies, the brave Iraqis, the military, the Administration and President Bush. As the country has been fighting in Iraq the Democrats have been fighting back here at home. This isn’t anything new. So why are they now trying to hide it?


John Conyers today writes in the Washington Post:

No Rush to Impeachment

I will not do that (rush to impeach Bush). I readily admit that I have been quite vigorous, if not relentless, in questioning the administration. The allegations I have raised are grave, serious, well known, and based on reliable media reports and the accounts of former administration officials.

The administration’s stonewalling, and the lack of oversight by Congress, have left us to guess whether we are dealing with isolated wrongdoing, or mistakes, or something worse. In my view, the American people deserve answers, not guesses. I have proposed that we obtain these answers in a responsible and bipartisan manner.

So, rather than seeking impeachment, I have chosen to propose comprehensive oversight of these alleged abuses…

One-party rule has dug our nation into a deep hole over the past six years. The Judiciary Committee needs to fully implement the recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, strengthen laws against wartime fraud, ban trade with state sponsors of terrorism, increase funding for community policing and protect government whistle-blowers. Most important, before we have another presidential election, I believe we need to pass laws protecting the integrity of our electoral system — the very foundation of our democracy.

What a strange article from the backtracking democrat Conyers?

Did Conyers himself forget that he met with lawyers on Tuesday March 11, 2003 to start work on impeaching Bush… before the war in Iraq even started!

Congressman John Conyers of Michigan, the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, which would have jurisdiction over any Bill of Impeachment, convened an emergency meeting of forty or more of his top advisors, most of whom were lawyers, to discuss and debate immediately putting into the House of Representatives Bills of Impeachment against President Bush Jr., Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and Attorney General Ashcroft in order to head off the impending war…

After two hours of most vigorous debate, the meeting adjourned with a second revised draft Bill of Impeachment sitting on the table.

On June 16, 2005 Conyers played the impeachment dressup game with mock hearings in the capital basement:

They pretended a small conference room was the Judiciary Committee hearing room, draping white linens over folding tables to make them look like witness tables and bringing in cardboard name tags and extra flags to make the whole thing look official.

Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) banged a large wooden gavel and got the other lawmakers to call him “Mr. Chairman.” He liked that so much that he started calling himself “the chairman” and spouted other chairmanly phrases, such as “unanimous consent” and “without objection so ordered.” The dress-up game looked realistic enough on C-SPAN, so two dozen more Democrats came downstairs to play along.

The session was a mock impeachment inquiry over the Iraq war. As luck would have it, all four of the witnesses agreed that President Bush lied to the nation and was guilty of high crimes — and that a British memo on “fixed” intelligence that surfaced last month was the smoking gun equivalent to the Watergate tapes. Conyers was having so much fun that he ignored aides’ entreaties to end the session.

Witnesses at the moonbattarama included Ray McGovern and Joseph Wilson. Hah! In July 2005 Conyers and Representative Frank also met for another round impeachment fantasy:

The BRAD BLOG has learned that Congressmen John Conyers (D-MI) and Barney Frank (D-MA) have inquired with officials at the Library of Congress’ Congressional Research Service this afternoon into whether impeachment proceedings would be appropriate for Senior White House Officials.

The release of a letter by the two congressmen was accompanied by a press release from the office of the ranking minority House Judiciary Committee member, John Conyers. In the letter, the two seek clarification from “a neutral authority” of whether the U.S. Constitution’s Article II, regarding impeachment of a sitting President and Vice-President and “all civil officers”, would apply to Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove who is currently embroiled in the on-going criminal investigation into who leaked classified information concerning the outing of covert CIA agent, Valerie Plame.

On December 20, the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff, at Conyers’ request, filed its 273-page report, The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War. The report included copies of house resolutions to establish a bi-partisan Select Committee in the House – H.Res. 635; to censure the President – H.Res.636; and to censure the Vice President – H.Res. 637.

Representative Conyers’ work was used at the Bush Crimes Commission which resulted in mock indictments against the president of the United States.

The indictments were later hand delivered (through a gate to a security guard) by Ray McGovern to the White House.

But, today John Conyers is backing down from his life’s work!
I’m with the Kos-kids on this one…

Man Up, John Conyers! Man Up!

Sister Toldjah will not be fooled.

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