In Iraq, It's Only a "Massacre" When It Involves Marines

The Western news giants are keeping the public up on the latest “massacre” news from Haditha:

The Washington Post on Saturday, May 27, 2006:

In Haditha, Memories of a Massacre


CNN, May 29, 2006:

Was Haditha massacre covered up?

The BBC, May 30, 2006:

Iraq to probe US massacre claims

But, when the killing is done by “insurgents”, here are the mainstream media headlines:

CNN, Monday, February 28, 2005, on the deadliest single insurgent attack of war:

Iraq suicide bomb kills at least 125

The BBC, February 28, 2005,… No blame here:

Iraq car bombing causes carnage

The New York Times, May 4, 2005, on a suicide bombing that killed 60:

Bomber Posing as Iraqi Police Recruit Kills at Least 60

Get the picture?

Of course, Granma news from Cuba is in complete agreement with the Western press:

Iraq massacre and attempt to cover it up denounced

And also has no problems with the reports coming from America and the West:

Haditha Massacre: Iraq’s Mai Lai

So, here’s a question… If the Americans are found innocent, will it still be a “massacre”?

** As discussed on Allman & Smash in the Morning

Update: Gina Cobb makes a very good point.

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