DaimlerChrysler's New Ad Campaign- Bash America!

American nothing?

Neander News tells you where you’ll see these disgusting billboards for the “Smart Car”.

Maybe this is part of their new “Global Image Campaign” ?

Update: Reader Glenn is starting his own ad campaign:

(click on picture to enlarge)


Update 2: Notice B’s comment below who claims to have worked on the ad campaign… In South Africa, it’s all about design!

Update3: (May 19 PM) Arthur writes:

Earlier today I sent photos and a video to the top brass at DaimlerChrysler in Germany, whom I’m sure were not aware of this ad. The result: an email from the local Smart Car manager saying they’re withdrawing the ad and apologising for any offence given.

For those who don’t think it’s offensive, try replacing the ‘American’ with ‘Japanese’, or ‘Chinese’, or some other nationality that ostensibly has nothing to do with this car’s manufacture.

Glad it ends well.

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