Shortly After Pomp, Dems Drop "Smart & Strong" Charade

Remember the big to-do thirteen days ago where those staunch fighters for freedom surrounded a stage and (*snicker*) unveiled a plan on how they were NOW going to be tough on the terrorists? Remember that “Smart and Strong” bit? Remember the photo-ops? They even put together a “Real Security” plan.

Well, as Wilsonizer points out… It’s gone!

That wonderful plan on capturing Osama bin Who(?), promising to vote pro-intelligence, redeploying forces, and securing borders has been dropped from the front page of the Democratic Party’s webpage in less than two weeks.

Wilsonizer adds:


“If you click deep enough on their website you can find it; however, the Dems for some reason have distanced themselves from it pretty rapidly for some reason. No Democrat is out there talking about it, and you would think that such a major policy announcement would be followed by articles, speeches, blogswarms, and the like. I guess it shows how serious the Dems are going to be in addressing national security as a party.”

However, we do know from events this past week that they are going to continue to be tough on the police.

The democrats promised “secure national borders” in their “Real Security” bit, but strangely, that was forgotten in voting yesterday on securing America’s borders as noted at Polipundit:

34/54 – Republicans in favor of border security alone.

2/43 – Democrats in favor of border security alone.

Here’s a summary of what the democrats voted down:

Provides for increases in the numbers of federal immigration enforcement-related positions and technological assets for use along the borders, including Department of Defense (DOD) equipment.

Provides for: (1) border control facilities construction; (2) land border port of entry construction and improvements; (3) border patrol checkpoints; and (4) fencing, barrier, and road construction and improvements in the Yuma and Tucson sectors.

Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary) to develop: (1) a comprehensive land and maritime border surveillance plan; (2) a National Strategy for Border Security; and (3) a southern border study.

Senator Frist said today that the Democrats led by Harry Reid and provoked by the far left of their party decided block legislation that would have strngthened our border security.

On the other hand…

Ted Kennedy is more in line with the Real Democratic Party message in his new book, “America Back on Track” where Kennedy defends the indefensible appeasement policies he and his party have made the cornerstone of their national security platform since 1972.

The Boston Globe describes the real Democratic plan in a review of Kennedy’s book:

It offers a vision for the nation that draws heavily on lessons from Kennedy’s 43 years in the Senate, in addition to his role in one of the most prominent political families in the nation’s history…

Kennedy’s policy proposals will surprise few who follow liberal politics. He calls for a higher minimum wage, billions of dollars in new education spending, higher taxes on the wealthy, equal rights for gays and lesbians, and universal healthcare run through the federal government. Most of the policies, he writes, will “pay for themselves” by boosting the nation’s productivity.

In an antidote to the Republican Party’s demands for smaller government, Kennedy offers a full-throated defense of a vigorous federal government that can fight for equal rights, lessen economic inequalities, and contribute to a robust and stable society.

And, just think, it was only 13 days ago that Harry was giving ’em hell at Union Station! It’s sad to think that all of this pomp was for naught.

Backed by fellow Democrats, Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) speaks about the nation’s security during an event at Union Station in Washington, March 29, 2006. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

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