More on Joe "The Toad" Wilson

Via Glenn Reynolds, even the Left is starting to see what a “toad” Joe Wilson is as evidenced by this snippet today at New Republic:


I’ve mostly laid off Joseph Wilson, not wanting to let the issue of his (execrable) character interfere with the question of who outed his wife as a covert CIA officer. But this from Daily Kos:

You know when they first started trying to come up with a way to discredit me, which we now know started in March of 2003, they went through the old standbys. “He’s had 3 wives, he’s a womanizer, he’s done drugs.” But then they realized they couldn’t use those because I’ve never actually denied them. I mean I’m the first to admit that, unlike Ken Mehlman and David Dreier, I really like women.

is simply intolerable. (I’d hope the report was libelous if it weren’t written by an obviously infatuated Kossack with the handle “tlh lib.”) The whole entry makes it sound likely that Wilson is now “completely drunk on the sound of his own voice”. I was glad to see one commenter call Wilson on his completely gratuitous gay-baiting.

But, this isn’t news for those who have been following the Joe Wilson story. Those on the Right know that Joe Wilson is a toad… a lying-horny toad.

And, he also has been “completely drunk on the sound of his own voice” for about as long as he planned on bringing Bush down, which was made clear in his June 2003 speech, ONE MONTH BEFORE the Robert Novak article came out!


And, if you don’t believe that he was “completely drunk with the sound of his own voice”, take a listen to his speech at the 2003 Iraq Forum, HERE! Or, download the audio, HERE.

Here’s how Joe explains his open-mindedness:

“When I address audiences that look like me Episcopalians who are just like me, I get polite applause when I am through. When I talk before African Americans audiences , I get Halleluiahs all the way through.”

So, there you have it!… a Joe Wilson podcast!

(I had downloaded the audio from Joe Wilson’s last year at the 2003 Iraq Forum and when I bought my new iPod it popped up in my audio files. HAH! But, believe you me, if you listen to this once, it is plenty.)

I think I’ll stick with podcasts from Glenn and Helen and Powerline!

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