Finally, Sen. Talent Proposes Smart Border Security Plan

That Opposes Amnesty!

I was glad to see this today…

A Comprehensive Border Security Bill From Missouri Senator Jim Talent:

The Senate is debating immigration reform. Many Missourians have contacted me to express their views on this issue and I wanted to share mine with you. This is a nation of immigrants, but it’s also a nation of laws. I oppose the amnesty measure being considered in the Senate. Congress should not give the benefits of citizenship to those who have entered the country unlawfully; and it’s especially unfair to put them at the front of the line ahead of those who have waited patiently for years to enter the country lawfully.

I share the concerns of many Missourians that the United States requires a border control system that protects us from terrorist attacks, illegal immigration, illegal drugs and other contraband. A lot of people view border security as an immigration issue. It’s not. It’s a national security issue. That is why I introduced the Border Security and Modernization Act, which authorizes $5 billion over five years for security fencing and surveillance along the border, increases penalties for human smuggling, and increases the number of jail beds available to detain those who cross illegally. I will continue to support strong and effective measures to secure the border.

And, there is more! Here are the steps of the plan from Senator Talent’s website:


Key Provisions in the Border Security Bill sponsored by Senator Talent:

* Authorizes $5 billion over five years to acquire new technology, construct roads, fences and barriers, and purchase air assets like helicopters.
* Increases criminal penalties for human smuggling, falsifying work/entry documents and drug trafficking.
* Authorizes an increase in the number of Customs and Border Protection personnel by 5,000 over five years and an increase in Immigration and Customs Enforcement inspectors by 5,000 over five years
* Increases attorneys assigned to immigration cases by 1,000 over five years.
Adds 500 immigration judges over five years.
* Increases the number of jail beds available for immigration detention and removal by 15,000 by 2010.
* Requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to implement pilot programs in all border states to find alternatives to detaining illegal immigrants.
* Authorizes a comprehensive border infrastructure overhaul.
* Reauthorizes the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) through 2011, while increasing the bond a detained alien must pay to be released from custody to $5,000.
* Eliminates conditional parole for detained aliens.
* Calls on the General Services Administration with the DHS to identify and prioritize border crossing improvements on the Mexican and Canadian borders.

This is what America needs and America wants. As Senator Talent says, “A lot of people view border security as an immigration issue. It’s not. It’s a national security issue.”

He certainly will score points with this proposal. And, it will help the good senator in his predicited tight race with the liberal Claire McCaskill for Missouri Senator the fall.

Meanwhile, the candidates have made it clear that they care about US border security… the Mexican Presidential Candidates!

Here’s something to think about… Tom Joscelyn writes about the Feds picking up a Guantanamo detainee trying to cross into the US from Mexico.

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