Finally, a CIA Leak Case with a Leaker and a Leak

FOX News had details on the intelligence officer who leaked information and then admitted to it,

The investigation has been forwarded to the Department of Justice for possible prosecution and there are dozens of possible leak investigations ongoing!

A leaker, A leak,… And a “frog march” from the General’s office:


The CIA said on Friday that it fired an intelligence officer for leaking classified information that sources said contributed to a Washington Post report about alleged secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe.

NBC News identified the accused officer as Mary McCarthy, and said she worked in the CIA Inspector General’s office before being “marched out” of the spy agency on Thursday.

The Strata-Sphere has an incredible roundup on the firing of Mary O. McCarthy and says that Senators Durbin and Rockefeller have been asked to take polygraph tests!

The New York Times reports that it is rare that an employee in the CIA has been dismissed for leaking information:

Several former veteran C.I.A. officials said the dismissal of an agency employee over a leak was rare and perhaps unprecedented. One official recalled the firing of a small number of agency contractors, including retirees, for leaking several years ago…

…In January, current and former government officials said, Mr. Goss ordered polygraphs for intelligence officers who knew about certain “compartmented” programs, including the secret detention centers for terrorist suspects. Polygraphs are routinely given to agency employees at least every five years, but special polygraphs can be ordered when a security breach is suspected. lists Mary O. McCarthy, an analyst for the Government, as having donated $2,000 to John Kerry during the 2004 elctions!
(Via Strata-Sphere comments)
Hat Tip Larwyn

-Mary O. McCarthy-
Part of a larger Culture of Treason

Mary O. McCarthy also gave $5000 to the Ohio Democratic Party on October 15, 2004.

This was just sent to me… Mary O. McCarthy and her husband, Michael J McCarthy, gave over $9,000 to the Democrats in 2004!
no wonder she’s so frickin toxic!

Sandy Berger, the famous pants stuffer, appointed McCarthy to Special Assistant for Intelligence.

Stop the ACLU has more on the leak story today.

Update: (Saturday AM) The Washington Post scrapes bottom this morning: (Via Instapundit)

Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. said people who provide citizens the information they need to hold their government accountable should not “come to harm for that.”

“The reporting that Dana did was very important accountability reporting about how the CIA and the rest of the U.S. government have been conducting the war on terror,” Downie said. “Whether or not the actions of the CIA or other agencies have interfered with anyone’s civil liberties is important information for Americans to know and is an important part of our jobs.”

The effort has been widely seen among members of the media, and some legal experts, as the most extensive and overt campaign against leaks in a generation, and has worsened the already-tense relationship between mainstream news organizations and the White House.

Dozens of employees at the CIA, the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies have been interviewed by agents from the FBI’s Washington field office.

Others have been prohibited, in writing, from discussing even unclassified issues related to the domestic surveillance program. Some GOP lawmakers are also considering tougher penalties for leaking.

Flopping Aces has an incredible roundup.

Tom Joscelyn on the leaker and the Al Shifa aspirin plant, (viaPowerline)…

“McCarthy and Richard Clarke argue that: (a) the decision to strike al-Shifa was justified because (b) the intelligence connecting Iraqi chemical weapons experts to al Qaeda’s chemical weapons efforts was sound, but (c) this doesn’t mean that Iraq and al Qaeda had a significant relationship because (d) somehow this collaboration occurred without either party realizing that it was working with the other! Sound bizarre? It is.”

Ace asks, “Did Mary McCarthy Send Joe Wilson To Niger?”
Did she slurp cool drinks with him by the African pool?

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