Dem. Mollohan Steps Off Ethics Committee for Unethical Behavior

But, that unethical behavior sure made him rich!

The Democratic Leader of the House Ethics Committee has seen his assets increase by at least 1,000 percent in four years.
(This was skipped over today in the news on Rep. Mollohan.)

Not a bad haul!


After insisting that he would not leave his Democratic leadership position on the House Ethics Committee yesterday, Rep. Mollohan decided today to hang it up:

Mollohan, in a letter to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, said he is the victim of a “concerted, politically motivated attack on my ethics. The interests of both the committee and my constituents would best be served by my temporarily stepping aside.”

The Wall Street Journal reported April 7 that the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington is examining Mollohan’s personal finances and whether he properly disclosed them. The newspaper reported that Mollohan directed, or “earmarked,” millions of dollars in federal funds for special projects in his home state of West Virginia as a member of the House Appropriations Committee and received campaign donations from beneficiaries of the projects.

The Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, in a statement, said the charges against Mollohan are “partisan” and “an attempt to deflect attention from the long list of Republican criminal investigations, indictments, plea agreements.”

Well, this is sweet. CNN has a nice photo of Mollohan up today.

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