Thursday March 9th Quick Hits

The Anchoress has a very good posting on the dead Dubai deal.

Jack Lewis talks about “Roe verses Wade for Men.”

Fausta’s Blog was privileged to hear “Dan Senor at PU: The Iraq War and Its Consequences in the Middle East”.


The Real Ugly American has an interview with two brave Iraqi soldier bloggers.

Musing Minds talks of a “UN No Confidence Vote for Kofi.”

TigerHawk noticed how the MSM exaggerated an oil slick.

Bush signs Patriot Act renewal.

Powerline notices how very recent history is being rewritten by the Left.

And, Slapstick notes that not only do they not believe in it, but they may quit teaching it at Harvard,… Western Civilization.

Now, this is funny… Gay Patriot says to “Send David Gregory to Antartica”. This has goes with a previous penguin post.

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