The Civil War That Isn't and Wasn't

** Sectarian violence in Iraq has declined by “90%” this past week. **

The following is a Haider Ajina translation of a headline and news published by the Iraqi Arabic newspaper Sotaliraq on Tuesday, March 7th:

Iraqi sectarian violence down by 90%

The Iraqi department of defense announced the following in today’s press conference regarding operations carried out in the last seven days:

Combined operations (Iraqi defense and interior ministry forces) numbered 193
Iraqi Army operations numbered 139
Number of hidden weapons cashes uncovered 54
Number of bombs defused or uncovered 177
Number of terrorists killed 39 injured 19 arrested 623.

The number of successful operations has increased because of combined leadership and command by the interior and defense ministries. The two ministries have a agreed on a compact of joint security operations. The number of hidden bombings has declined by 15% due to of modern equipment and methods to uncover them. They added that the number incidences of sectarian violence have declined by 90% and that all civilians who brandish weapons will be arrested.

The average Iraqi has substantially increased their trust in the Iraqi armed forces. Cooperation between citizens and the security forces is very high. Operation national unity is continuing, with local meetings and planning of programs to advance this operation.

Haider comments:


Back to our training of Iraqi security forces, and the Iraqis who (as result of our training) are gradually taking over their own security. This news release is more evidence of that. Also notice the overwhelming support Iraqi security forces get from civilians. Civilians in most Arabic countries stay away and distrust their security forces. In Iraq it appears that in a short two or so years that distrust of security forces has been reversed. What the rule of law, ownership of ones country and democracy can do to a nation of 25 million people in just two or so years.

Haider Ajina
McKinleyville CA

Maybe Donald Rumsfeld was right in that there are several in the media who will be disappointed… too bad. Belmont Club has the analysis as does Powerline.

Update: Haider Ajina writes in with this bit of news:

It just downed on me as I have been listening to Iraqi TV (many channels in Arabic) over the internet, that Iraqi news broadcast from all channels no longer refer to Israel as the enemy. They refer to Israel by name when they report news about Israel. Further, news about Israel is reported as fact and not slanted with negative language. This change has taken place for at least two years now.

Growing up in Iraq under the Baathists, Israel was always referred to as the “enemy” or the “Jewish enemy” never by name and of course always had a negative tone.

TigerHawk has more on developments and successes in Iraq.

The Mudville Gazette notices the misquotes from the press. (Via Instapundit)

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