Thank You, Powerline!

Thank you, Powerline!

I was very honored that the men at Powerline chose Gateway Pundit as their “Blog of the Week” last week. Powerline has been leading the blogosphere since before Dan Rather tried to pass bogus documents in an attacking segment against President Bush. But, that Sixty-First Minute Posting helped earn Powerline the “Blog of the Year” and helped push the liberal Dan Rather into retirement.

Much thanks to John Hinderaker, Paul Mirengoff and Scott Johnson for their kind words this past week.


And to readers here at Gateway Pundit, don’t forget to check out Powerline and Powerline News often for “all” of the news, not just the news the mainstream selects for you.

This week the great Big Lizards is the Powerline Blog of the Week.
It ought to be great!

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