Sadly, Cindy's Pixilated Belly Is Still Leading Chaste Men to Sin


Cindy Sheehan, peace mother, is shown being arrested for laying across and blocking the front doorway of the UN building in New York on Monday March 6, 2005. The updated Aljazeera photo was pixilated for obvious reasons…

The enticing nakedness of peace mother Sheehan was determined to be too sumptuous for the Aljazeera male audience. The innocent, yet weak willed male readers, must be protected from such enticement lest it lead them to transgression.


(Via Rusty, that is not

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Sadly the pixilation was still too hot for Twisted Hip who wrote in with this comment:

I’m touching myself right now. Is that wrong?

I prefer the pixellated version because it leaves so much more to the imagination. What could be behind that grey area? ANYTHING!

SO hot.

And then there is this on Cindy’s Belly:

What is wrong with you people… Are you so jaded that all you can see in this photo is her stomach? Or is the far more important and obvious erosion of your so called freedoms that this photo represents just too hard to talk about. But then who cares… becaue “Survivor” is on again tohight, right? Hope you are enjoying your new police state.


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