On Trial Since 2002, Milosevic Found Dead

Austin Bay says it best:

Former Serb dictators Slobodan Milosevic’s long-running trial is finally over– without a conviction. Milosevic was found dead in his jail cell in the UN detention center at The Hague, Netherlands. The first reports said he died of natural casues– his health was terrible and failing. In fact his long-running trial often stopped because of his poor health. Milosevic had been on trail since February 2002. According to this AP report he faced 66 criminial counts. That seems about right. When the trial first started I recall a prosecutor focusing on a dozen key charges. Milosevicprobably should have been tried in Serbia; the UN trial had aspects of farce and show, though the charges were deadly serious and the prosecutorial teams’ work (in many instances) was superb. I think the Iraqis are doing a much better job with Saddam’s trial than the international court did with Milosevic. The trial has moved along despite Saddam’s shenanigans (and some of what Saddam is doing appears to be ripped from Milosevic’s playbook). Milosevic orchestrated the Serb-Croat war and crafted the Serb strategy of “creeping aggression.” He was also the bully behind “ethnic cleansing” in eastern Bosnia. He epitomized the move from “red to brown” in eastern Europe– moving from Communist to ultra-nationalist fascist as the Cold War ended. The Nazis and Communists both knew they were cut from the same hideous human mold. They both share a disdain for liberalism and a disregard for human life. They are also permanently anti-American. Hitler called the US cowboys– remember that next time you hear the US “cowboy” disparaged. You can see these traits displayed by the Stalinists still among us.

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