Now We Know… US Behind Golden Mosque Bombing

Here is today’s crazy talk from Turkey. I am sure that Leftists in the US will naturally gravitate to this sooner or later so I thought I might as well post it:

From ALI BULAC at the Turkish Zaman online:

No Sunni can attack the tombs of these two people, the descendants of the Prophet of Muhammad (PBUH). This point has been stressed by leading Sunni and Shiite leaders.

Then, if this is the case how can we explain the incidents in Iraq? We may expect clashes to intensify in the upcoming days. From the beginning I have been of the opinion that the attack at issue was a joint operation by Saddam’s partisans and the occupation forces. Later, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim blamed pro-Saddam militants for the attack. It may sound strange, but it is not impossible that the US and Saddam might have reached an agreement. If the US and Britain are planning to withdraw a significant number of their forces soon, maybe within a year, it will be a big problem to establish stability and balance.

Now, mark the date in your calendars and see how long before you hear this from some US leftist.


Last month one of the most vicious Anti-American films ever released, “Valley of the Wolves, Iraq“, set box office sales records in Turkey.

The movie is a spinoff from a television series of the same name, which has been Turkey’s top-rated show for the past three years.

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