Destroying One Conservative Will Not Destroy Conservatism

(I lifted that from Redstate by the way!)

I noticed a growing blogswarm on the Left this week over the brave move by the Washington Post to include a conservative writer in the midst of their extremely liberal and biased news pages. I am sorry to hear about the charges against a fellow conservative just as I am disappointed when I hear of other conservatives who fail and sin. I am glad to belong to a party that does not excuse inexcusable behavior.

Two quick observations:


* Being from the political party that values truth, integrity, God, country, family, and the 10 Commandments, I do not approve of lying, plagiarism, omission or slander. I personally don’t see plagiarism being much worse than intentionally omitting information critical to a story, intentionally twisting facts, or calling a person a liar while excusing someone else for the same actions.

* The second observation from this situation is one obvious difference between Conservatives and Liberals. Conservatives choose to fight Islamic terrorists for the preservation of our great nation. Liberals choose to fight conservatives and conservative values for power regardless of how it affects our great nation. There is absolutely nothing that gets the liberal blogs swarming like an attack on a conservative. Likewise, there is nothing that gets conservative blogs swarming like democratic elections, news on Islamic terror, or attacks on Western values.

My friends at Redstate said it best tonight:

Putting aside the charge for which Ben has been pilloried and you’re left with is a particular group of critics. Unlike Ben, there is far less hope for their redemption. You see – before they settled on the attacks on his writing – they spent three days proving that they are the lowest of the low. Charges of racism were born of poor reading comprehension. Threats of violence. Obscene commentary about his mother, his sister, his father. Loathesome, vile, and disgusting – their contempt for civil behavior surpassed only by the emptiness of their own souls. These are a people that see a man who gives up drinking in the middle of his life for the sake of his family, and respond by creating rumors of cocaine addiction. These are ignoramuses that think portraying an African-American politician as Sambo is appropriate, as long as the critics are liberal and the target is a Republican.

Our critics can raise their glasses and toast to what they think is success – tearing down a flawed conservative. But therein lies their greatest weakness: destroying a conservative is not to destroy conservatism. And while they put all their energy and venom into this campaign, it is worth remembering that for all the noise – they have yet to present a real alternative to an America that rests on the foundation of freedom, free markets and family. Against that, the only answer they have is yet another personal attack.

I hope that Ben springs right back and does not wallow in shame. Come back soon Ben Domenech. You are welcome here anytime.

Ben Domenech’s apology Here.

Jeff Goldstein has this:

They can now explain to us why they don’t hold their own to the same ethical standards. Ben has owned up to his mistakes. He has, as I anticipated he would, taken that most difficult first step to rehabilitating his credibility. Now it’s time for other folks to do the same: Molly Ivins; Larry Tribe; Stephen Ambrose; Dan Rather; Jason Leopold; Joe Biden; Micah Wright; Ward Churchill; Eason Jordan; CNN’s agreement with Saddam’s Iraq; Joe Wilson; Steve Erlanger—we’re looking at you.

Don’t hold your breath, Jeff!

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