Despite Murtha's Best Efforts, Military Recruitment Is Up

Via Instapundit

The Mudville Gazette is reporting encouraging military recruitment news.

The excellent recruitment numbers were achieved despite Democratic Representative John Murtha’s damaging campaign against military recruiters.


A good day for the military; a sad day for democratic Hawks.

And, do you remember this line from Representative John Murtha’s historic “cut and run” speech back on November 17, 2005?

“Many say that the Army is broken. (He did later, actually!) Some of our troops are on their third deployment. Recruitment is down, even as our military has lowered its standards.”

Apparently, the media has figured out that the military has not lowered its standards.

From today’s AP article “Military Shuns Many of Recruiting Age”

But recruiting is still a two-way street and the military, too, doesn’t want most people in this prime recruiting age group of 17 to 24.

Of some 32 million Americans now in this group, the Army deems the vast majority too obese, too uneducated, too flawed in some way, according to its estimates for the current budget year.

“As you look at overall population and you start factoring out people, many are not eligible in the first place to apply,” said Doug Smith, spokesman for the Army Recruiting Command.

Do you suppose the AP and the rest of the MSM will remember the faulty attacks by John Murtha on our military back in November? Doubtful!

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