ACLU-Backed "Innocent" Terrorist May Not Be So Innocent

Davids Medienkritik has the latest developments in the Khaled El-Masri case.

Not so innocent?
Khaled el-Masri just wanted to go on a short holiday to Skopje, he says. He needed some time alone — away from the clamor of his four young sons. He was kidnapped and held for three weeks in Macedonia.



In a history-making lawsuit, the ACLU is challenging the practice on behalf of Khaled El-Masri, an entirely innocent victim of rendition who was released without ever being charged.


Now Focus reports this on Khaled:

The German-Lebanese Khaled el-Masri who was abducted to Afghanistan was the commando chief of a radical movement in Lebanon Focus reports.

The German-Lebanese commanded a 16-man armed group in Lebanon according to information from German intelligence. That was conveyed to FOCUS from the 273 comprehensive secret report of the German security authorities for the parliamentary oversight committee

Davids Medienkritik has the details.

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And, John Stephenson has the latest ourageous attack by the ACLU on Christianity.

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