A Coptic Christian Fears Persecution if Deported Back to Egypt

** 20 Coptic Christians are being deported back to Egypt from Canada **

This Egyptian Copt living in Canada may be deported back to Egypt because…

The Muslim member on The Immigration and Refugee Board didn’t believe the Copt and said that the Copt was not telling the truth!


He is one of 20 Coptic Christians that the Canadian Government is sending back to Egypt! They are going back the same way they came into Canada… through the US. One has already been sent back to Egypt and his supporters have not heard from him since. He has disappeared since he was sent back… He is just gone.

** Vital Perspective ** has this tragic story of a husband and a father-to-be who sought refugee status in Canada in 2003 after fleeing his native Egypt for religious persecution, and who now faces deportation.

HERE is the video on one of the Egyptian Copts who is going to be deported from CTV.

Majed El Shafie, an Egyptian-born Christian, now lives in Canada but may be sent back to Egypt soon. (CTV)

Apparently the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board members did not hear about this Coptic nun who was stabbed in her chuch last year.

The man shouted “God is great” when he burst into St. George’s Coptic church in the city on Egypt’s northern coast and stabbed the nun as Freedom for Egyptians reported.

And, they must have missed the story on the death of 13 year old George Shahata.

George Shahata was killed when a group of Muslim youths attempted to stop the construction of a new Coptic church building in the village of el-Udaysaat near the southern Egyptian town of Luxor.

Dog Pundit also sends news of a Catholic nun in Indonesia who was brutally murdered.

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