Woman Heckles Rummy, Audience Yells "Shut Up!"

Another lovely young woman stands up and screams at the top of her lungs yesterday during Donald Rumsfeld’s speech. She screams about his mock indictments for war crimes and warns that the protesters are coming to town this weekend to drive him from office. “Step down, Mr. Rumsfeld!” she screams during his question and answer session. The young democrat had to be removed from the room. VIDEO HERE

An audience member yells “Shut Up!” …And everyone laughs!

Once she was gone, Rumsfeld remarked, ‘We’ll count her as undecided.’ Rumsfeld’s speech comes as the Pentagon is preparing to release a broad four-year defense review that doesn’t eliminate any major weapons programs, but calls for more spending on special operations forces, cuts in Air Force personnel, and a restructuring of the Army and reserve forces. (AP)

Poor Donald, they’re coming to drive him from office this weekend. And, they have the indictments to do it!


Hmm. Maybe she saw Cindy’s chicken scratch on the wall when they took her to the slammer??

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