Republicans Make Black History

Republicans put more African-American candidates on statewide tickets than ever before… for either party!
(FOX News)

Republicans put African-American candidates on three state tickets, more than ever before at one time for statewide offices in either party.
FOX News

The Swanns arrive.

Pennsylvania Republican candidate for governor Lynn Swann, back left, walks with his wife Dr. Charena Swann, back right, and their sons Braxton, left, and Sahfer, right, as they arrive at the Lincoln Day dinner in Harrisburg, Pa., Friday, Feb. 10, 2006. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


The Pennsylvania Republican State Committee on Saturday endorsed Lynn Swann for governor and by the sound of his acceptance speech you can see why he is well liked by Republicans:

Swann, 53, was unopposed for the endorsement, which came as an unanimous voice vote.

Swann is the first black person the GOP has endorsed for statewide office in Pennsylvania and he would be the state’s first black governor.

The committee also endorsed Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Matthews, Swann’s choice for lieutenant governor. Of the 358 state committee members and party leaders eligible to vote, more than 300 of them or their proxies participated in the endorsements.

“I haven’t cried this much since I was inducted into the Hall of Fame,” Swann told the applauding crowd as he dabbed tears from his eyes.

In his remarks to the state committee, Swann renewed his call for lower business taxes and a nonspecific overhaul of local property taxes, but shed no new light on his platform. He blamed Rendell for the political logjam that has held up property-tax cuts that were approved in 2004 but vetoed by local school districts, and portrayed him as too willing to raise taxes and fees.

“The cost of a birth certificate is more. The cost of a death certificate is more. And the cost of life in between under Ed Rendell is just too damn expensive!” Swann said.

The liberal media has already started the attacks on Swann and the very biased Qunnipiac poll has him trailing Gov. Rendell by double digits. Alexander A. McClure at Polipundit explains that this probably means it is a dead heat. Last month the more accurate Rasmussen Report had Swann leading. Rendell is in trouble!

The Family of Steele.

Lt. Governor Michael Steele had a lead in the Maryland Senate race last month. His numbers continue to climb the more people get to know him; a very good sign!

Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell is also running a competitive race for governor in Ohio.

Not only have the black Americans made great gains during the Bush years, but I was reminded of this little known fact today.

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