Muslim Hackers Threaten Danes Online

The BBC is reporting over 1,000 Danish websites have been defaced:

Almost 1,000 Danish websites have been defaced by Islamic hackers protesting about controversial cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad.

The attacks typically replace home pages with pro-Islam messages and condemn the publication of the images.

Hack attack monitoring group Zone-H said the defacements were done both by hacker groups and individuals.


Zone-H said some hackers left moderate messages but many called for a violent response to the cartoons’ publication.

hackers and groups in different Islamic nations had banded together to make the protests more effective. Attacks were known to have come from groups in Turkey, Saudi Arabi, Oman and Indonesia.

Many of the groups involved in the attacks were well known, said Mr Preatoni, but some new ones had emerged as the attacks unfolded.

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