Moderate Views on the UAE Port Deal

Bill OReilly defends the UAE Port deal and says legislation that attempts to prevent the purchase deal sends a terrible message to moderate Muslim countries,

President Bush threatened to use his veto power against legislation that prevents the US port operation purchase by the United Arab Emirates:

In a rare threat to use his veto power, President Bush said Tuesday he will stop any legislation that attempts to prevent the purchase by a United Arab Emirates-owned firm of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., which runs six major U.S. ports.

Breaking a gaping silence from the administration in the debate about the purchase by Dubai Ports World of London-based P&O, Bush said the deal should go forward and won’t jeopardize U.S. security.

“There’s a mandated process we go through. … They ought to listen to what I have to say to this. I’ll deal with it with a veto,” Bush told reporters after an unusual decision to call media aboard Air Force One to the airplane’s conference room.

Back at the White House from a trip to Colorado, the president added that denying DP World the sale would send a mixed message.

“I think it sends a terrible signal to friends around the world that it’s OK for a company from one country to manage the port, but not a country that plays by the rules and has got a good track record from another part of the world can’t manage the port,” Bush said.

Bill OReilly, in tonight’s Talking Points, spoke on the UAE port deal. No surprise… Bill actually did a better job with his talking points arguments than the Bush Administration has done in defending the UAE port deal. OReilly argued that to build moderate Muslim support in winning the War on Terror, the US must not interfere with the deal.

Bill OReilly gives strong arguments in support of the UAE port deal:

The UAE is one of America’s best allies in the War on Terror and we can not win the terror War without Moderate Muslim support. Right now there is no reason to fire the Arab country except that they are “Arab”. This would play right into the hands of Osama Bin Laden. We have to give them a chance with strict oversight.

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I wrote a trusted Moderate Egyptian for her opinion on the UAE port deal. This is her response:

I heard bits and pieces of his show on the U.A.E. company if that’s what you meant. I think he has a moderate stance in comparison to those who are infuriated only from the idea without getting into the details. I think this company will be operating on an American soil, it will be fully under the control of the U.S. authorities and regulations. I agree with Bill OReilly if they are only rejecting the company because it is an Arab, then this is racism. If anyone here has security concerns this must be answered with objectivity and seriously away from any bias. If the U.S. feels safe to build army bases on UAE soil and the UAE does not feel insecure about it because of the presence of the US army, what are the reasons that make Americans here afraid?

And one more thing, alienating the US good allies under security reasons is sending a very wrong message to them. Alienating US allies helps only extremists.


Instapundit has a thorough collection of commentary on the subject. Here is one comment that struck me:

Former InstaPundit Afghanistan Correspondent John Tammes emailed Glenn Reynolds:

I managed some cooperative efforts with the UAE Special Forces troops stationed at Bagram. They did some patrols in the area I was responsible for, and more importantly, they did some humanitarian assistance missions. The Afghans absolutely loved the UAE troops. They were thrilled to have SOMEBODY from the Arab world (besides our excellent Egyptian hospital) come out and HELP, rather than hinder.

We had a lot of supplies come from UAE based concerns too – if they were good enough to serve along side us in the field, and good enough to supply bottled water, food and the like to our troops..well, that sure sounds like a friendly nation to me.

It is only through strengthening and supporting our moderate Islamic friends (like the Muslims that helped nab the accused Toledo terrorists today) that this War on Terror will be won. It is too bad that this was not communicated better to the American public.

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