Missouri Soldier Sacrificed for Country, Now He Needs Help

US Soldier returns from Iraq to find hard times at home.


Iraqi War Veteran, Sgt. Justin Dietiker, fought for his country. Now he has another battle ahead of him,

A local man sacrificed a lot to serve his country in Iraq and the gulf coast following Hurricane Katrina. Now hard times have hit the former Marine’s family at home. Sgt. Justin Dietiker says the past year has tested his faith. He’s struggling to find the means to care for a wife with cancer and two little girls with medical problems.

State Representative Jack Jackson of Wildwood, says now is the time to help the veteran and many more. Representative Jackson is behind a new fundraiser to raise money to help the war veterans family.

Sgt. Justin Dietiker, of Perryville Missouri, returned from Iraq in 2005 after serving for over a year. During his employment, his wife left her full time job to care for their youngest daughters. 3 year old, Isabell, has a cleft palette. 6 year old, Hope, has cystic fibrosis. Caring for both grew more expensive and difficult for the long distance couple.

The husband and wife say they have simply prayed, kept their faith and tried to keep going. Only 5 months after Sgt. Dietiker returned from Iraq, he was recalled to active duty following Hurricane Katrina. Returning home, the former Marine learned his wife was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She is now undergoing extensive and costly medical treatment.

A fundraiser is underway to help the family. It’s called Operation Children’s Hearts.


Donations can be sent to:

Operation Children’s Hearts
c/o Missouri Veterans Commission
205 Jefferson, 12th Floor,
Jefferson City, MO 65101

All contributions will go towards the needs of the family.

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