Milbank Goes Hunting Potholes in a Highway Construction Vest

As further proof that the mainstream news has lost touch with the average American, silly Dana Milbank sported a construction vest this week as he mocked Vice President Cheney’s hunting accident. He was trying to look like a hunter but looked like a highway flagman in a public safety vest, instead.

So, the joke was really on Dana Milbank as he made fun of Cheney’s hunting accident.

Next time, the least Dana Milbank could do is wear the right vest when he tries to lampoon a hunter!

It would have been a great getup if the Vice President had an accident while filling potholes with asphalt, but sadly for Milbank, this was not the case.


Michelle Malkin and Powerline have more on how Dana Milbank and the Left continue to shoot themselves in the foot with “buckshot” over this hunting accident.

Clark Mountain Musings may have shots of Dana Milbank on the highway!

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