Maybe "The World Can't Wait" but St. Louis Will Have To

Just like with Cindy Sheehan’s excursion to the DC hoosegow, the communist backed “World Can’t Wait” protest in St. Louis was another bust.

But, don’t wait for the media to report on all of the Marxist backers behind the Anti-Bush rallies. That would be like pointing out that Bush-basher Hugo Chavez is a student of Marx.

20 protesters met in St. Louis from Code Pink and “The World Can’t Wait” to Drive out the Bush Regime tonight.

The Ladies in Pink who set up this table must have ran down to Starbucks for a Caramel Macchiato during the protest.

Maybe the 70% of the population who back Cindy Sheehan were not notified about the rally.

The “Drive out the Bush Regime” folks were getting pretty crazy at this point.

They spent a lot of time on this,… “If You Can’t Pronounce It, Don’t Bomb It” tape sign.

It’s sad when they have better signs in Pakistan in English than in downtown St. Louis.

This “Make Peace” sign was a leftover from Christmas.

Notice the pine trees, poinsettias and girl in a Santa hat.
(Make Peace with Christmas?)

Here’s a rowdy group of 4 high school students in a truck.

“Honk for Peace.”

Gee, you ever seen this at a Leftist protest before?
Here is the predictable oddball protester who has nothing in common with anyone else. Since tonight is the State of the Union Address…

…He is protesting for a “Free Haiti”.

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