Looking for Signs of an Iraqi Civil War

The media is foaming at the mouth hoping this is the moment that Iraq breaks out into a “for real” civil war. Many leftists have suggested this several times in the past hoping it was true, only to become more frustrated that real progress was being made. The sick liberals were in mourning with successful elections and any reports of good news that made it through the mainstream filters. Look for liberal lunatics to start their Mardi Gras celebrating early over this frightening news today.

It is only a matter of “when” and not “if”.

Knowing that the biased MSM is not going to give accurate analysis of the situation, there are alternative news sources…


Bill Roggio is a must read. Bill just returned from Iraq and has connections and contacts who are more realistic about the situation.

Iraq the Model– Unlike the mainstream media, the brothers gave a clear roundup on the situation, yesterday. The biggest unreported MSM news was that the Sunni and Shia leaders, including Ali Sistani, encouraged calm. And, to no surprise, ITM is reporting that Sadr militias are behind the revenge attacks on Sunni mosques.

Pajamas Media is also following the story.

Healing Iraq has a large roundup and maps showing where all of the mosques that have been attacked are located. (Via Instapundit)

California Yankee has more positive news.

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