"Freedom for Egytians" on the BBC

Blogger Freedom for Egyptians will be interviewed on the BBC on Friday night. Here are the details:

Friday evening at 8:30 PM (US EST time) and Saturday early morning 3:30 AM (Cairo Time) will be the time to listen to an edition dedicated especially to Egypt’s politics and society, and Egyptian bloggers, by BBC’s Five Live Radio Station. The program is “Up All Night”, a four hour live show “every night of the year”. I was invited by the BBC station to participate. You can listen to me LIVE on the program! I am extremely excited about it. I was the one interviewing guests for several years, but this is the first time to be interviewed LIVE so I might mess it up, do not have high expectations, however, I still would like you to to listen and tell me your opinion!

Again, internet users can hear the program by logging on http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive, and following the links to listen live. The program is broadcast from 0100-0500 GMT (5 hours ahead of Washington, and 3 hours behind Cairo)…

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