CNN's Despicable Double Standard

CNN refused to air the Danish Muhammad Cartoons in their news segments on the “Cartoon Riots” saying they did not want to offend viewers. On the weekend of February 4-5, 2006 CNN aired a video clip where they “pixilated” out the Danish Cartoons “so as not to offend.” Part of the footage was taken from the Aljazeera News Channel who also pixilated out the images.

Here are the inoffensive images from that CNN broadcast…

CNN and Aljazeera decided it best to “pixilate” Muhammad out of the picture when they aired the segment “so as not to offend.”

This cartoon footage taken from Aljazeera shows Muhammad with a bomb as a hat that was highly offensive to Muslims.

But, as National Review reported, CNN did not have a problem airing anti-Semitic cartoons just 4 days later, on Thursday February 9, 2006!

National Review HAS THE VIDEO where they show a number of very offensive Anti-Semitic cartoons as an introduction into a segment with Bill Bennet on Wolf Blitzer.

Here is part of the transcript from yesterday:

BLITZER: You can understand, Bill, that feeling among many Muslims that this is beyond the pale, when you insult….


BLITZER: … the Prophet Mohammed.


And if I were a Jew watching what CNN just led in with, I might be a little upset, too. But CNN doesn’t have the solicitude for Jews it has for Muslims. Your policy is not to show these cartoons that were shown in Denmark, but to show one after another of the most anti- Semitic cartoons they could come forward with.

CNN — I don’t mean to pick on CNN, just because I work for you. But NBC, “The New York Times,” other media — the Virgin Mary in cow dung, that was fine. We can show that everywhere. Now, the Islamists have won, in that they have intimidated the major news media from showing these cartoons.

They have lost, however, in the wider world, because people see that this is just totally nutty behavior, that these cartoons are shown and people, as a result, want to kill people, behead people, burn buildings down. And, whatever the argument with the Danes, what is the point of burning the Jewish flag? What is the point of burning the U.S. flag and saying death to Israel and death to the United States?

People get a good, close look at this and say, you know, these people are unhinged.

BLITZER: But, you know, on these — showing of these anti-Semitic cartoons, I think you will find that most Israelis, certainly most Jews, want the world to see some of these caricatures, in order to shed some light on what the — images that have been portrayed…

Please! Honestly, Wolf!
I guess it all depends for CNN if you are a Muslim… or a Jew!

Well, at least with CNN it took 4 days, the New York Times only gave it 24 hours after they banned the cartoons before they showed dung on Mary! (I beleieve the Anchoress overheard that NYT discussion!)

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