As Kofi Seeks US Help, UN Charade Rights Group Blasts Gitmo

Updated from Monday:

Remember this week when you hear of this UN Gitmo Report that the club of monarchs, despots, and dictators of all stripes sitting on the UN Human Rights Commission contributed to it, with regime representatives from such paragons of human rights as Cuba, Nepal, Egypt, Pakistan, Swaziland, Bhutan, and China, among others, helping craft the shoddy US hatchet job.

This week the elite body of moralists at the UN Human Rights Commission, including members Sudan (see genocide) and Zimbabwe, (see “drive out the trash” ) release a scathing report that calls for the immediate closure of Guantanamo Bay Detention Center and prosecution of US officials responsible for the weight gain of the prisoners who are forced to live with indoor plumbing and electricity:


A United Nations inquiry has called for the immediate closure of America’s Guantanamo Bay detention centre and the prosecution of officers and politicians “up to the highest level” who are accused of torturing detainees.

The UN Human Rights Commission report, due to be published this week, concludes that Washington should put the 520 detainees on trial or release them.

It calls for the United States to halt all “practices amounting to torture”, including the force-feeding of inmates who go on hunger strike.

The report wants the Bush administration to ensure that all allegations of torture are investigated by US criminal courts, and that “all perpetrators up to the highest level of military and political command are brought to justice”.

It does not specify who it means by “political command” but logically this would include President George W Bush.

It sounds like Dick Durbin could have worked on that report!

The Bush Administration does not like the unprofessional job by the UN in putting together the report and stands firm in the right to hold the detainees. At least 12 of the detainees released went back to resume attacks on coalition forces.

Washington officials yesterday denounced it as “a hatchet job” when informed of the contents by this newspaper.

“This shows precisely what is wrong with the United Nations today,” said a senior official. “These people are supposed to be undertaking a serious investigation of the facts relating to Guantanamo.

“Instead, they deliver a report with a bunch of old allegations from lawyers representing released detainees that are so generalised that you cannot even tell what they are talking about.

“When the UN produces an unprofessional hatchet job like this it discredits the whole organisation.”

The Bush administration has repeatedly called for the UN’s wholesale reform, and the report is likely to lead to demands from Congress for a freeze on Washington’s annual donations.

Meanwhile, Kofi Annan is scheduled to meet with President Bush today hoping for a commitment of US troops to help stabilize Darfur:

The United States has offered military planners for the Darfur operation, which will arrive on Monday. But it has made no offer of air coverage or other assistance for the venture, expected to be comprised mainly of African and Asian troops, who form the bulk of all UN forces.

At issue is a transfer of command from an underfunded African Union force of 7,000 monitors and troops in Darfur to UN peacekeepers, a move U.S. Ambassador John Bolton promoted in the Security Council last week by drafting a statement asking the world body to begin contingency planning.

It looks like John Bolton is finally getting more help to the victims of the Sudan genocide. He said he was tired of just talking about the situation a while back, “We should talk about next steps, not about how to arrange the furniture in the Security Council.” John Bolton has moved enough furniture.

Hit and Run has more on Africa’s plight and how the West may be mucking things up rather than helping.

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