White House Served with Indictments, Bush Reacts

The White House was served with mock indictments on Tuesday by representatives from the Bush Crimes Commission: Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, authors William Blum and Larry Everest, Code Pink, Mike Hersh (Progressive Democrats of America/After Downing Street), Kevin Zeese (Director, Democracy Rising; candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland), Travis Morales (World Can’t Wait — Drive Out the Bush Regime) and others.

There was a press conference immediately following the mock indictment ceremony.

Ray McGovern hand delivers the indictments through the White House gate on Tuesday.

The following indictments were served to President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and the rest of the Bush Administration through the fence of the White House:


Indictment on War of Aggression
Indictment on Torture and Detention
Indictment on Global Climate
Indictment on Global Health
Indictment on Hurricane Katrina

Although there was no official response on the latest criticism from the anti-war coalition by the Bush Administration,… A muffled voice could be made out coming from an upstairs window…

“Oh great! More toilet paper!”

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