The Left Cries for the Poor Little Butcher of Baghdad

The liberal media has offered Saddam Hussein more sympathy since his capture than they have offered the over 250 mass grave victims found in Iraq to date.

Today was no different.

Human Rights Watch, based in New York City, led the charge in defending the mass murdering Saddam:


Human Rights Watch, said the failure to question the witnesses was “probably the most disturbing part of the day.”

“The events take us further away from the basic practices of fairness that are necessary in any trial and especially in a trial of this significance,” he said.

Ibrahim’s comments were “clearly provocative and disrespectful,” but Abdel-Rahman was “a little too trigger-happy,” he told The Associated Press.

Saddam loyalist, Democrat Ramsey Clark, didn’t miss a chance to put down the new judge in the trial, demanding the trial be moved out of Iraq:

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who is part of Saddam’s defense team but did not attend Sunday’s session, denounced the court as “lawless” and repeated calls for it to be moved out of Iraq.

“Now the court is seated without the defendants’ counsel of choice. This is wrong,” Clark said, speaking from New York.

The BBC has their own international lawyer who calls the trial a sham:

Saad Djebbar, an international lawyer and commentator on Middle East politics, told the BBC that the chaotic scenes meant that the whole trial was being undermined:

“I think it was a big mistake that this trial was held in Iraq because the judge, you cannot find a person, one individual today in Iraq – judge, lawyer, prosecutor who is impartial vis-a-vis Saddam Hussein. Either they are with him or against him.”

Meanwhile several more witnesses testified today in the trial against Saddam Hussein:

The first woman told the court she was arrested several days after the assassination attempt and her interrogators removed her Islamic headscarf and gave her electric shocks to her head.

“I thought my eyes would pop out,” she said. Sixteen other members of her family also were arrested, and seven of them were killed in detention — including her husband, who she said was tortured to death.

She added her daughter was less than two months old on the day of her arrest.

“I could not feed my little girl as she cried, there was no milk and no nursing bottle, she almost died,” she said of the baby.

The man, who testified last, told the court that he was only six when he was arrested while playing at his aunt’s home with cousins. At the notorious Abu Ghraib prison, guards lured him and other children with promises of apples and bananas only to tie them by the feet, he said.

The other female witness said she and 14 other members of her family, including children as young as seven months, were rounded up from Dujail.

They tortured a young girl who was blind. Women and children were crying, there was no food and no milk formula for children,” she said, sobbing. “Has anything like that ever happened anywhere in the world?”

Iraq the Model sees the antics from the defense team for what it is, pathetic.

Hat Tip C. Robinson

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