The Culture of Corruption Campaign Hits a Snag

This was supposed to be where democrats made up their ground on Republicans.
The “Culture of Corruption” campaign was supposed to leapfrog them back into control of Congress. But, it is not turning out that way…

About Half of Americans believe Congressional members are corrupt.

According to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, 49 percent of respondents said most members of Congress are corrupt. Although 46 percent of respondents said most aren’t, the margin of sampling error — plus or minus 4.5 percent — makes it clear that the perception of congressional politicians is largely negative.

Congress’ image could emerge as an election topic, with 55 percent of respondents saying corruption will be “the most important” or a “very important” issue to consider when voting in November, when all 435 House seats, and 33 Senate seats, will be decided.

(Glenn Reynolds said as much in his New Year’s Day predictions. Not bad, Glenn!)


Here’s the money quote from the CNN article:

But when asked to identify corruption by party, respondents were more hesitant. About half of those polled said “only a few” members of either party are corrupt.

Asked how many congressional Republicans are corrupt, 19 percent of respondents said “almost all” and 28 percent said “many.” The response was similar when people were asked about corruption among Democrats: 17 percent said “almost all” and 27 percent said “many.”

The Congressional Job Approval Ratings currently average:

31..3% Approve
57.8% Disappove

While President Bush’s Job Approval Rating has increased by nearly 10 points in the last month:

46.0% Approve
50.8% Disapprove

Interesting,… Bush’s numbers are 15 points higher than Congress!

Don’t expect Democrats to make much headway in November if this trend continues.

And, here is more polling results from the Military Times Poll that was released yesterday:

President George W. Bush has my best interests at heart.
Strongly agree 19%
Agree 39%
Disagree 18%
Strongly disagree 11%
No opinion/no answer 12%

Congress has my best interests at heart.
Strongly agree 2%
Agree 29%
Disagree 40%
Strongly disagree 17%
No opinion/no answer 11%

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