The AP's Jennifer Loven Keeps On Bush Hatin'

This is from the AP article yesterday by Jennifer Loven on the US economy. It is no wonder that Americans might be confused about the true state of the US economy and that Bush would have a 39% economic approval rating despite positive numbers that clearly show vibrant and robust growth:

President Bush shrugged off a report showing weaker-than-expected job growth on Friday (the unemployment rate is at 4.9%!!) and declared that “the American economy heads into 2006 with a full head of steam.”

Bush rattled off a string of recent government reports suggesting a growing U.S. economy, (Suggest? That shows the extent of her Bush Derangement Syndrome in that reports of factual data merely suggest growth) and he used his speech to the Chicago Economic Club to prod Congress to extend his administration’s tax cuts that are due to expire.

“In 2005, the American economy turned in a performance that is the envy of the industrialized world,” Bush said.

Bush, who also visited the Chicago Board of Trade, spoke as he and leaders of his economic team fanned out to trumpet recent improvements in the economy despite Friday’s mixed jobs report showing a slowdown in monthly hiring. (Jennifer is emphasizing this one monthly figure again instead of noting that the unemployment rate just dropped to 4.9%!??)

U.S. payrolls expanded by 108,000 jobs during December, about half of expectations. But hiring in November was revised sharply upward, to 305,000 new jobs instead of the earlier reported 215,000. (Hmm… off 100K in December, revised up 100K in November… Hmm…) And the unemployment rate declined last month to 4.9 percent from 5.0 percent in November. (Finally she is forced to mention this great reality of the current economy! Her editor must have thrown that in.)

By highlighting recent economic advances, (this is where it must have hit her the the economy really is booming!) Bush took an opportunity to turn attention away from the conflict in Iraq. (No good article on Bush would be complete without a mention of Iraq if you are a Bush-hater)

“By the way, we’re going to win the war,” he added as an aside.

Hat Tip Free Belarus

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