Leftie Bloggers Shut Down the WaPo Comments Section

The Washington Post has decided to shut down its comment section:

What we’re not willing to do is allow the comments area to turn into a place where it’s OK to unleash vicious, name-calling attacks on anyone, whether they are Post reporters, public figures or other commenters. And that’s exactly what was happening. That leads into the second complaint. The reason that people were not routinely seeing the problematic posts I mentioned were that we were trying to remove them as fast as we could in order to preserve the reasoned arguments many others were making. We removed hundreds of these posts over the past few days, and it was becoming a significant burden on us to try and keep the comments area free of profanity and name-calling. So we eventually chose to turn off comments until we can come up with a better way to handle situations like this, where we have a significant amount of people who refuse to abide by the rules we set out.

This came shortly after a Post reporter wrote a piece that grouped democrats with Republicans in the Abramoff Scandal. They must have received some “harsh feedback” from the leftie blog crowd on that one. This was obvious when Deborah Howell came out with an apology of sorts today:

I’ve heard from lots of angry readers about the remark in my column Sunday that lobbyist Jack Abramoff gave money to both parties. A better way to have said it would be that Abramoff “directed” contributions to both parties.

The adolescents shut down another comments section. Go figure.

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