Jimmy Carter Parades the World's 10 Worst Dictators

Parade Magazine released its Annual List of the World’s 10 Worst Dictators today.

A quick glance at this list brings up images of Jimmy Carter traversing the globe, leaving his little footprints all over millions of oppressed, starving and murdered innocents. Many of these dictators listed in Parade Magazine today owe Jimmy a big thanks and a little kiss, for his efforts in their success. For without Jimmy’s help, only God knows if these brutal men would be residing in the same place of comfort as they are today.

As you read this remember that Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jimmy Carter has never shown remorse, taken responsibility or even acknowledged that his shortsighted simple-minded policies led to these horrors.


#1 Omar al-Bashar of Sudan, has used Jimmy Carter to help him with several agreements between Sudan and its neighbors including Egypt and Uganda. But, al-Bashar is no gentleman, and Darfur is his second genocide:

Al-Bashir is a graduate of the ‘Idi Amin School of Dictators’. Darfur would be Sudanese President Lt. General Omar Hassan al Bashir’s second genocidal campaign against his countrymen. He waged the first against the Christian and animist people of south and central Sudan, with most of the deaths occurring over a decade beginning in the early ’90s and 2002. As Elie Wiesel wrote about the south, it was “genocide in slow motion.” Over two million eventually perished and five million more were displaced before peace protocols — brokered largely through heroic efforts of the Bush administration — were signed last month.

At #2, Kim Jung Il of North Korea can thank Jimmy Carter for brokering the nuclear arms agreement in 1994 that helped this madman acquire nuclear weapons:

Just days after it was announced that Carter had won the Peace Prize, North Korea announced that it had atomic weapons and some “worse stuff.”

Carter, the so-called “peacemaker,” had been instrumental in the early ’90s in “mediating” U.S.-Korean relations, an effort that led to Clinton policies that actually helped North Korea build and acquire these weapons.

#3 Than Shwe, Burma (Myanmar). Jimmy Carter called jailed fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi a “heroic woman” in a 2003 speech. Aung San Suu Kyi is the only Nobel Peace Laureate yet to claim her prize in Norway.

Jimmy Carter invited Dictator #4 Robert Mugabe to the White House in 1980 (from Bleeding Hearts, Bloody Hands):

Rhodesia held free elections in which black moderate Bishop Abel Muzorewa was elected to the post of Prime Minister. However, the world press (and Jimmy Carter) declared the elections null and void because the two terrorist groups, ZAPU (Zimbabwe African People’s Union) and ZANU (Zimbabwe African Nationalist Union), were not invited to participate. A continuation of sanctions eventually forced another election, overseen by international collectivists.

To nobody’s surprise, the more powerful of the two terrorist leaders, Robert Mugabe, edged out rival Joshua Nkomo for the top slot, in balloting which was described as “one gun, one vote.”

This was heralded by the world press as the gate to a new era, as Cecil Rhodes’ name was dropped. During the 1980s, the saying was that “One used to go to Rhodesia to see the ruins of Zimbabwe. Now it’s the other way around.” American President Jimmy Carter hosted Mugabe at the White House in 1980, proclaiming that he had watched happily as Mugabe emerged victorious, adding that he was going to use similar tactics in his own reelection campaign!

#5 Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan. Jimmy Carter compares the US to Uzbekistan:

Carter said many countries (including Uzbekistan), including the United States, are using the campaign against terrorism as an excuse to restrict freedoms and silence human rights activists.

Dictator #6 Hu Jintao, of China, the most murderous regime in the history of mankind owes a special thanks to Jimmy Carter:

On December 15, 1978, Carter terminated our relations with Taiwan and recognized Communist China, the most murderous regime in the history of the planet. He did this after Congress had adjourned for Christmas. The Senate, earlier that year, had voted 94-0 on a resolution that it should be consulted before any change in the treaty with Taiwan. Red China would proceed to benefit from a massive transfer of US credit and technology, a process that would reach an orgasmic climax during the Clinton Administration. Carter would remain silent in the face of the genocide performed by the Cambodian Marxist Pol Pot. So much for Carter as the champion of “human rights.”

And, this from Jimmy Carter himself:

I had a very close friendship with China, particularly then, because I had normalized diplomatic relations with China, and they shared a lot of their information [and] advice with me.

#7 King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia After the Gulf War, Saudi Arabia was mad at Arafat, because the PLO chief had sided with Saddam Hussein. So Arafat asked Carter to fly to Riyadh to smooth things over with the princes and restore Saudi funding to him — which Carter did.

#8 Saparmurat Niyazov, Turkmenistan Hmm. No Jimmy link?

Only because of Jimmy Carter’s leadership did Dictator #9 Seyed Ali Khamane’i, from Iran make the list:

Jimmy Carter, upon taking office in 1977, declared that advancing “human rights” was among his highest priorities. Because America’s ally the Shah of Iran was torturing approximately 3,000 prisoners (many of them agents for Iran’s bordering neighbor the Soviet Union), Mr. Carter ostentatiously withdrew U.S. support from the Shah.

Mr. Carter ordered the Central Intelligence Agency to stop paying $4 million per year in bribes to the religious Mullahs to tone down their rhetoric. Many of these Muslim leaders disliked the Shah not because he was dictatorial but because the Shah was secular, pro-Western, and expanding the rights and equality of women.

Because Mr. Carter withdrew U.S. support and unleashed Mullah fury, the Shah was toppled. Did this liberate the 3,000 political prisoners? No. The new theocratic dictatorship of the Ayatollah Khomeini put many of these “godless Communists” up against walls alongside more than 20,000 pro-Western Iranians and liquidated them all by firing squads. Women were sent back into servitude. Citizens were arrested merely for owning satellite dishes that could tune to Western programs. And, of course, American diplomats were taken hostage.

#10 is Teodoro Obiang Nguema, from Equatorial Guinea, a country of 500,000 people that Jimmy has left untouched.

This year Fidel Castro landed at #15. Jimmy made a trip to the island paradise in 2002 to rub elbows with Fidel.

Jimmy Carter indicated Monday that he believed communist dictator Fidel Castro, not his own country, about Havana’s bioterror threat.
During a visit Carter and Castro made to Cuba’s Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, scientists denied they exported technology that could be used to make weapons of mass destruction.

Carter sounded apologetic even for questioning his hosts – and swallowed their claims without one shred of evidence. “I just want to assure myself,” said the Georgia Democrat, Castro’s favorite of the 10 U.S. presidents he has dealt with during his four-decade-plus dictatorship.

Here’s a close personal friend of Jimmy Carter, Meles Zenawi, from Ethiopia showing up in slot #18

(Jimmy had a little run in with a few dozen angry Ethiopian protesters in a parking lot in Minnesota in November while he was pushing his morals book and bashing President Bush.)

Jimmy Carter just rubberstamped the election results in May in favor of the dictator Meles since then, Meles has been on a shooting spree, spraying down protesters in June, November, and yesterday at a Christian Holiday celebration.

Although overlooked this year make sure you check out next year’s list for Jimmy’s close personal friend Hugo Chavez to make a big jump up in the ranks.

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