Democrats Make More Plans to Use the Wounded at Walter Reed

Go to Walter Reed at 4:30 if you won’t vote NO on Cloture, DESPICABLE!

Haven’t we seen the Democrat Party Supporters play their politics with the wounded at Walter Reed before?

Well, today the democrats have devised another disgusting plan to appear like they really do care for the troops… showing up at Walter Reed Army Medical Unit instead of voting for cloture in the Senate on Judge Alito’s confirmation:



The plan is simple:

FIRST, as each office opens (8:30 or 9 am Eastern, later for District offices as you move West), call every office (DC and District) of YOUR OWN Democratic Senators and urge them to support the filibuster by either voting NO on cloture or by ABSTAINING from the cloture vote. Be short and sweet but hit every office listed below. (If they’re not listed here, they’re probably not a problem — but feel free to make sure!) If you can get their staff to commit to a position, please post a comment here.

SECOND, call the “URGE ABSTENTION” Senators identified immediately below and do the same — say that you hope they vote NO on cloture this afternoon but if they can’t, urge them to ABSTAIN from the cloture vote by doing something good that most Republicans would never do, like visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital instead. (God knows the Republican leadership would never want to draw any attention to the costs of their war!) Doing so will be just as good as a “no” vote but will give them political cover with their conservative voters back home. Again, call their DC AND District offices. And again, if their staff will commit to a position on cloture and/or abstention, please post a comment here.

THIRD, rinse and repeat. That is, go through the “Urge Abstention” list twice, at least for those offices that don’t take detailed caller info like names and addresses.

That’s it. Simply hammer your own Senators and the key Senators. Report back so I can keep things updated. Then watch C-Span at 4:30 Eastern to see what happens! (And please check back here on Tuesday for an after-action report and a strategy for dealing with the result. Win or lose, we are taking this momentum forward to win back our Party and our Nation.)

AGAIN: THANK YOU for doing Yeoman’s work the past few days! You folks are restoring my faith in America. No kidding. Regardless of the outcome of this particular battle, we are waking up the Democratic leadership to the fact that they MUST EITHER PAY ATTENTION TO US or STAND ASIDE so real, responsive leaders can take their place. And that makes me excited. It makes me think that the American Experiment still might succeed.

Hat Tip Larwyn

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