Democratic Investigation Hunger

You could see this one coming

The New York Times, today writes “On the Subject of Leaks”:

Given the Bush administration’s appetite for leak investigations (three are under way), this seems a good moment to try to clear away the fog around this issue.

A democratic society cannot long survive if whistle-blowers are criminally punished for revealing what those in power don’t want the public to know – especially if it’s unethical, illegal or unconstitutional behavior by top officials. Reporters need to be able to protect these sources, regardless of whether the sources are motivated by policy disputes or nagging consciences. This is doubly important with an administration as dedicated as this one is to extreme secrecy.

The Times forgets who has the big “appetite for investigations” and it isn’t George Bush.


Taking a look back at the last twelve months:

* pushed for an investigation in February 2005, into the conservative reporter Jeff Gannon.

* In March 2005, democrats were still pushing for an investigation on Jeff Gannon, the gay reporter they outed. (because his questions did not have the same bite as their’s did.)

* On June 15, 2005, leading Democrats in Congress have agreed on a unified approach to push for an independent investigation into allegations of abuse of detainees at military-run prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

* House Democrats renewed their push Wednesday, June 25, 2005, for a deeper investigation into the handling of intelligence on Iraq’s weapons program.

* On July 14, 2005 Democrats push for fresh Rove investigation, Senate vote.

* On July 26, 2005, John Kerry authored a letter signed by two dozen Democratic senators on Monday asking Congress to investigate the leak of a CIA officer’s identity.

* In October 2005, Democrats called for congressional probes and an expanded investigation that would look into White House attempts to manipulate intelligence.

* And, my personal favorite from 2005…

Democrats forced the Senate into a closed session Tuesday, November 1, 2005, to pressure the Republican majority into completing an investigation of the intelligence underpinning the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

TigerHawk points out to the New York Times the scorecard from the longest running of the leak cases thus far.

Michelle Malkin just blasts the Left today in her latest posting and don’t miss her latest column on the same topic.

Cox and Forkum have the illustration.

The Anchoress comments that The New York Times, writing like a spoiled 14 year old, cracks its gum, rolls its eyes, and continues to act like a perpetual adolescent. Hah!

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