Black Republicans Lead Races

** The Party of Lincoln looks good on these Black Republican Candidates. **

Besides the fact that you don’t have to defend lame plantation comparisons from Democratic Senators or argue (most people probably won’t believe it) that a democratic mayor really meant chocolate milk when he said that New Orleans should be a majority African-American city, being Black and Republican may win you an election… And, the fact that you are an exceptional public speaker, intelligent, full of integrity and charismatic will also help out.

Lynn with his wife Charena are excited about his run for Pennsylvania Governor.

Today (via Polipundit) a new Rasmussen poll shows Lynn Swann leading Ed Rendell 45%-43% in the Pennsylavania Governor’s race. Rasmussen reports that:


Fifty-four percent (54%) of voters view Swann favorably; 47% view Rendell favorably.

Swann formally declared his candidacy just two weeks ago, on January 4. But he has enjoyed early success in securing endorsements from two of six regional caucuses in his quest for the party nomination. The Republican state Committee will endorse a candidate on February 11.

The family of Steele.

Meanwhile, down in the Democratic stronghold of Maryland, The Lt. Governor Steele is looking good, especially as voters get to know him!
Via Rasmussen:

Now, in blue-state Maryland, the Republicans are making progress in the contests for both governor and senator.

The Senate race got interesting as soon as Democratic Senator Paul Sarbanes announced his retirement last March. It soon seemed Democrats had the edge. By July, Democratic Congressman Ben Cardin led Lt. Governor Michael Steele by five points in our poll. Steele, however, was seven points ahead of former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume.

By November, Steele was neck-and-neck with Mfume, but Cardin had widened his lead over Steele to 49% to 41%. Yet since that time, the number of voters with an unfavorable opinion of Steele has fallen from 33% to 25% and the Republican candidate has pulled ahead of both Democrats. He now leads Cardin 45% to 40% and Mfume 45% to 38%.

Condoleezza Rice, the choice of Laura Bush, is polling high for the presidency in ’08, even without a declaration to run for the office.

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