Another Brokeback for Democrats, Alito is Confirmed

But, this comes with no awards!

Republicans Senators blast democrats for the despicable way they treated Judge Alito during the confirmation hearings,

Samuel Alito plans on attending the State of the Union Address tonight.

President George W. Bush shakes hands with Judge Samuel A. Alito in the Roosevelt Room of the White House Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006, after the Senate voted to confirm Judge Alito as the 110th Justice of the Supreme Court. (White House photo by Eric Draper)


Not only did the Democratic Senators look like big jerks in the Confirmation Hearings of Judge Alito, but the judge was confirmed today despite their awful personal attacks and bloviating. And, after the fierce antics by the liberal democrats, at the end of the day, most Americans still thought that Alito should be confirmed.

The bullying democrats looked awful to the American public who caught glimpses of the Confirmation Hearings or saw Martha-Ann Bomgardner (Judge Alito’s wife) all choked up on the evening news. And, their liberal base wasn’t pleased with their efforts anyway. Half of their ranks are talking about bolting from the party.

Rasmussen Reports asked Americans in 25 states whether or not Judge Alito should be confirmed as Supreme Court Justice. In every state a significant percent of voters agree that he should be confirmed. Also, Judge Alito gained support as he went through the Senate Confirmation Hearing.

Despite the attacks of Teddy Kennedy and the bloviating of “Rambling Joe” Biden, the democrats won no favors with their liberal base. It wasn’t just the Republicans who are beating up on them!

Alito is Confirmed… 59-42

* * * * *

Thank God for George Bush, Alito, 55 Republican Senators, and Martha-Ann Bomgardner!

Blogs for Bush is asking readers to remember the Republican Party today.
Polipundit has joined in.

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