After 1 Month of Attack Ads, Alito Grew More Popular

The democrats have been failing so far to show Samual Alito (or Alioto if you are Ted Kennedy) as some kind of extremist to the American public. In fact even after a month of attack ads Alito’s popularity rose:

After one month of ads denouncing Alito for such abominations, a Washington Post poll showed public support for his nomination had risen from 49 percent to 54 percent.

The democrats know that the Alito nomination will bring an end to their 50 years of Supreme Court dominance:

Several Democrats Monday, including the reliable Sen. Edward Kennedy, seemed on the verge of making an even worse tactical error. They suggested that Alito’s respect for executive branch prerogatives would make him too ready to approve wiretapping and other surveillance of terrorists. That shows a deep misreading of U.S. opinion.

Not only do most polls show that a small plurality of Americans favors wiretapping as a tool against terrorism, but even those against do not consider it a wildly extreme position. When the Democrats campaign against Alito on those grounds, they reinforce the public view of themselves as weak on national security.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they cannot restrain their own partisanship. They know the stakes are high. If Alito is confirmed, the Democrats will finally lose their majority on the Supreme Court that for 50 years has allowed liberals to legislate from the bench on everything from racial preferences to the detention of terrorists.

Their desperation makes them imprudent. Instead of rooting their arguments in what the public believes, they base them on their own passionate political commitments. They consistently misread public opinion as a result. And they think they see in Alito their own worst nightmare: the election of a conservative judge who will legislate conservatism from the bench as their judicial nominees legislated liberalism.

You know that the democrats will not surrender easily on their sacred court. Look for things to get really nasty here, really quick.

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