A Tender Code Pink-Nancy Pelosi Fracas

The far left Democratic Activists of Code Pink protested far left Democratic Minority leader Nancy Pelosi on Saturday,

Nancy Pelosi said to the Code Pink protesters during the town hall meeting yesterday that she “supports meeting the needs of our men and women in uniform.” But, this was a strange response since she has voted against supporting the needs of the men and women in uniform on several occasions.

It makes you wonder just what was going on here?

Code Pink demonstrators protest Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, yesterday.


Nancy Pelosi was greeted by Medea Benjamin and other Code Pink members in San Francisco on Saturday:

War protesters raised their voices at Saturday’s town hall meeting in San Francisco hosted by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

Hundreds of people attended the packed meeting at Marina Middle School. Protesters stood in front of the stage holding signs while Pelosi answered questions.

Medea Benjamin, Code Pink (who interrupted the RNC Convention in NYC when she rushed within 15 feet of Vice President Cheney) said: “Get us out of Iraq. Use the billions we’re spending on Iraq to fund our schools, to fund our health care system, to rebuild New Orleans. We need this money here at home.”

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House minority leader: “Well, I won’t agree with them that I should not support meeting the needs of our men and women in uniform at this time.”

Pelosi also addressed national security issues at Saturday’s meeting. She wants the United States to spend between nine and ten billion dollars to buy back nuclear materials currently for sale on the market.

She also believes first responders need better communication systems.

The protesters stood in front of the stage Pelosi was speaking from for the whole two hours. Sweet!

“Speak to Bush’s impeachment,” members of the crowd chanted at one point.

Pelosi called for a congressional investigation on the revelation that the Bush administration had authorized domestic spying, but pooh-poohed calls for impeachment hearings against the president.

“I think we should solve this issue electorally,” she said, urging audience members to channel their energy into the 2006 elections.

The protesters stood quietly in front of Pelosi waving their signs for the entire two-hour meeting, while hecklers from the audience frequently interrupted the talk.

Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that she wants to “meet the needs of the men and women in uniform” but she has voted against funding America’s defense on several occasions:

Pelosi Voted Against Both Passage And Conference Report On Bill Appropriating $87 Billion In Supplemental Spending For Military Operations And Reconstruction In Iraq And Afghanistan. (H.R. 3289, CQ Vote no. 562: Passed 303-125: R 220-6; D 83-118; I 0-1, 10/17/03, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 3289, CQ Vote no. 601: Adopted 298-121: R 216-5; D 82-115; I 0-1, 10/31/03, Pelosi Voted Nay)

Six Months Before September 11th, 2001 Pelosi Voted To Decrease Proposed Defense Spending By $65 Billion. (H. Con. Res. 83, CQ Vote no. 66: Rejected 79-343: R 0-217; D 78-125; I 1-1, 3/28/01, Pelosi Voted Yea)

Pelosi Voted To Cut Intelligence Authorization By $500 Million. (H.R. 2330, CQ Vote no. 393: Rejected In Committee Of The Whole 134-299: R 13-159; D 120-140; I 1-0, 8/4/93, Pelosi Voted Yea)

Pelosi Voted To Reduce The Total Amount Authorized By The Fiscal Year 1997 Intelligence Authorization By 4.9 percent. (H.R. 3259, CQ Vote no. 187: Rejected 192-235: R 37-193; D 154-42; I 1- 0, 5/22/96, Pelosi Voted Yea)

Cindy Sheehan writing on the Code Pink website (Camp Casey to DC Update, By Cindy Sheehan, September 11, 2005) had a different feel for Congresswoman Pelosi:

Another bright spot in my Congressional talks was Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco, the house minority leader. I had, up until last Friday, been very disappointed with the lack of leadership that I saw that she was exhibiting on this war. Our talk was very productive and she is, I believe, willing to take a new leadership role in bringing our troops home from this quagmire. She said it was because of the leadership that I have shown by going down and challenging the Emperor that more House Dems will grow back bones and challenge the President and his lies.

Last week, Code Pink awarded Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic comrade Representative John Murtha with his Pink Badge of Courage.

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