A Child's Book That Helped Shape America & The World

Moroccan blog “Or Does It Explode” has a wonderful tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. posted up this weekend.

Or Does It Explode posted pages from a historic Civil Rights comic book, The Montgomery Story, printed in 1956. This comic helped shape the Civil Rights movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s. ODIE explains the background to this historic “kid’s” book. It is a fascinating story.

What makes this exciting is that Or Does It Explode, Big Pharoah, Iraq the Model, Egyptian Sandmonkey, Crossroads Arabia, Amarji- A Heretics Blog, Freedom for Egyptians, Hammorabi, Regime Change Iran, Syria Comment PLUS, etc. (forgive me if I missed you!) are a few of the several brave voices who are using some of these same tools today, promoted in the comic book from 1956, to help shape the future of tomorrow’s Middle East.


I have posted a few of the pages from the comic book. (click on the picture to enlarge)
The whole Montgomery Bus Boycott Comic Book is now posted on the internet.

(If you have trouble reading those pages there are better copies at the Montgomery Comic Book site.)
Those are words from 1956 still pack the power today. Indeed!
Have a blessed holiday!

Freedom for Egyptians celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. today.

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