Wasting No Time, Plans Drawn to Extend Chavez Term until 2030

“Truth is, the international community should do something to halt the escalation of violence and violations of the law unleashed by Chavez in Venezuela. After all, this spasm of repression is the direct consequence of an unpardonable international injustice: the irresponsible legitimization of the fraudulent elections of August 16 by former President Jimmy Carter and the Secretary General of the OAS, Cesar Gaviria. . . . By validating that monstrous swindle, the Carter Center and the OAS demoralized and disarticulated the opposition, placing all of the nation’s reins in Chavez’s hands. Then they washed their hands and left. But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that Chavez, arrogant and willing to kill, will metastasize throughout Latin America. We’ll see.

“Chávez and Fear”
Carlos Alberto Montaner
December 14, 2004

God help them now.


The BIG STORY of the day is not if terrorists were abused by the US to gain information, or whether “Old Europe”, which cannot find a kind word to say about the US anyway, is upset with Condoleezza Rice.

The BIG STORY is the announcement that the Marxist from Venezuela may have already secured his presidency until 2030 after the embarrassing elections on the weekend. This assures the US and South America of a disruptive and dangerous tyrant reeking havoc and instability throughout the hemisphere for another 25 more years!

Wow! as A. M. Mora y Leon speculated, this took no time at all.

After President Hugo Chavez’s political Party won 114 out of 167 seats in the Congress, with the rest of the seats aligned to his party, Parliament members announced legislation to extend President Chavez’s presidency until 2030!

New deputies elected to Venezuela’s National Assembly, to be sworn in January, will legislate to keep President Hugo Chavez in office until 2030, National Assembly President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday.

The legislation would be revolutionary and would ensure that Chavez remains in power not just till 2021, but till 2030, Maduro said at a ceremony celebrating the victory of pro-government deputies in Sunday’s elections.

He said the new parliament also planned to pass several laws that are “for the people and with the people.”

“One cycle of the Assembly has completed and another one has begun which will speed the revolution: of changes made in favor of the people,” Maduro said. “The main contribution of this new assembly will be to consolidate the revolution.”

According to the current Venezuelan constitution, approved six years ago in a referendum, only one presidential re-election is allowed and a full presidential term is six years.

Chavez had said he wanted to retire from political life in 2021, but this year he extended his horizons to 2030.

Maduro said the new deputies should defend Chavez. He also accused US President George W. Bush of conspiring against the Venezuelan government.

The move is exactly what the Opposition parties feared in the run up to the election held on Sunday where only 25% of voters turned out to vote and many of those only because they had to.

Chavez’s supporters believe the government enters into a new time and vowed to accelerate Venezuela’s shift to a new socialism.

Why would our State Department and Jimmy Carter legitimize such a stolen election? For Jimmy Carter, it was also three factors. First, and most sad, are his desperate attempts to stay relevant in a world that has not only passed him by but proven his policies wrong. Next, are his sympathetic feelings toward Mr. Chavez and his “populist” diatribes. And finally, he wants to remain a thorn in the side of President Bush and the Bush doctrine.”

“Focusing on Closer Threats”
Douglas MacKinnon
March 23, 2005

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