Michael Shiavo Exploits Terri to Raise Cash for Dems

How very twisted.

Generation Why has the latest on Michael Shiavo exploiting his dead wife Terri to raise cash for Democrats.

Ace of Spades has this to say:


Just days before she slipped into a coma, Terri Schiavo told Michael, “If I should be in a vegative state, I want you to pull the plug on me, and then use my name to raise money to protect every woman’s right to have the plug pulled on them by a conflict-of-interest-riddled de facto ex-husband. And, while you’re at it, make sure you dip your own beak, too.”

And, Hidden Nook has the latest on an eleven girl in Massachusetts who was the victim of severe child abuse at the hands of her adoptive Aunt and her husband. She is the next subject of a Terri Schiavo-type euthanasia debate.

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