Jimmy Carter Blasts Bush on Air America

“I worship the Prince of Peace. I do not worship the Prince of War!”

Jimmy Carter on President George W. Bush
“The Al Franken Show”
December 1, 2005

From the December 1, 2005 radio broadcast of the Al Franken Show on Air America with special guest, Former President Jimmy Carter:


(the radio broadcast is 1:51:22 minutes, Jimmy Carter comes on around 1:23)

Al Franken: I was at the Carter Center last night. And, I have seen that everyone was buying up your book.

Jimmy Carter: Well my children were buying your book.

Al: Rush Limbaugh was saying that he could not think of a single country that you have helped. I could list about 40.

Jimmy: I have a question. Who is Rush Limbaugh?

Al: In your book you say you are a man of fundamentalism.

Jimmy: This is my 20th book and the first book I have wrote that is political. I consider fundamentalism to be one of the main problems. Fundamentalists are always men and always consider themselves to be superior. They feel they always must dominate other people, especially women they make them subserviant to their husbands. They consider themselves to be uniquely related to God and endowed with insights that other human beings of an inferior nature don’t have. Anyone who disagrees with them has got to be wrong and the next step is inferior. So this has been the case in some cases of Christianity and Islam but it has also spilled over in some cases in the political realm.

And, I feel it is the fundamentalist inclination that has permeated our politics in Washington. And this is the reason for the changes in what used to be a harmonious(?) and cooperative(?) attitude between Democrats and Republicans. Now, it is I am right, you are wrong therefore we cannot cooperate. And, you know in top circles in our country you are either with us or against us. And, there is no way to reach out and form a cooperative team. That is the essence of fundamentalism. And, unfortunately in the last five years or so we’ve seen the inclination of the Ultra-Right in religious circles to form an alliance with ultra-right in politics. And, this has broken down what I believe has been the historic and even religious character of America.

I happen to be a Christian as you pointed out. Jesus taught render under Caesar the things that are Caesar and render under God the things that are God’s. And, Thomas Jefferson said that we must build a wall between Church and State. In the last few years that wall has been deliberately broken down not secretly but ostentatiously and openly and these are some of the things that have caused me concern and they have led to a series of political changes in our country.

Al: Talk to the distinction of how religion has shaped political movements in very helpful ways.

Jimmy: Sure. I consider myself to be a traditional Evangelical Christian…(1:22)

…the administration of your own religious or moral or ethical moral values is natural for a human being in any realm of life but to weld it to so that they influence one another to the preference to a particular party or religious faith in a democracy is what I deplore. (1:25)

Al: I believe listening to you, we should be able to win on values.

Jimmy: Well in the first place we did win in the year 2000. (1:26:44)

2004 was highly skewed. It hasn’t been a matter of values but a matter of getting our point across…

What is a concern to me is radical changes that have been made in this Administration compared to all other Administrations including George Bush the Senior. These changes in our major moral values one is peace.

I worship the Prince of Peace!

I don’t worship the Prince of Preemptive War!

If we go to war because we don’t like a leader of a country and go bomb them.

I am also concerned about the total abandonment of being the nation that raises high the value of human rights…(see Ethiopia)

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