Hurricane Drives Man to Commit Murder-Suicide

2005 leaves us with a new class of victims.

A Louisiana man shot himself, his wife and his 14 year old son in Dallas, Texas last night after the a year full of hardship and facing eviction:

A friend said Hurricane Katrina had destroyed the family’s rental home in Louisiana. The family had reportedly spent a week on the streets before moving into a hotel.

After Hurricane Rita struck the US Gulf Coast in Katrina’s wake, the family moved again and ended up in Grapevine. However, they had recently been served with an eviction notice, officials said.

“He pretty much lost it after the hurricane,” said Teri Curry, a friend of the man who died.

Curry said the man’s wife had once confided in her: “I failed my kids again, Teri. My kids are starving.”

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