How Public Terrorist Trials have Hurt America

Prairie Pundit has the distressing story on how Bin Laden gained knowledge that we were listening in on his cell phone conversations in 1998 and what it was that tipped him off to it.

Bin Laden’s satelite phone records made public in African Embassy trial

As I posted back on April 24 in “OBL’s Missouri Connections”, the story of Bin Laden’s cell phone has roots in St. Louis and Missouri.

An Iraqi, Al Hamdi, supplied Osama with a phone battery for his satellite phone in 1998.

A Missouri student, Ziyad Khaleel, bought the phone that Al Hamdi brought to Afghanistan.

In fact Tarik Al Hamdi, the Al Qaida associate with Missouri, Chechnya, Al-Zawahiri, ABC, and Osama Bin Laden connections is now employed by the Iraqi Government’s Foreign Ministry in Turkey.

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