Democratic Intelligence Argument

Democrats continue to argue that they were somehow lied into war regardless of the facts,

Democrats still think that they were somehow cheated, lied to, or coerced to see a threat in Saddam’s Iraq. They weren’t lied to and it’s hard to see what more they needed. It was obvious to the rest of the world that he was a threat.

Some Democrats and war critics continue to accuse President Bush of lying about reasons to go to war with Iraq, but the administration maintains that Congress supported the effort based on the same intelligence.

“The administration worked from the same intelligence that had driven American policy on Iraq for the 12 years since the end of the Gulf War,” said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a recent interview with FOX News.

Duelfer’s post-war survey found no biological or chemical weapons stockpiles. Despite the massive intelligence failure, Duelfer said there was no conspiracy.

“You can fault the intelligence community for many things but for shaping its conclusions to fit the desires of the political leadership, I don’t think that’s right,” Duelfer said. “I think that’s wrong.”

“There was a disagreement on some of the elements but there was a large consensus in terms of the overall direction that the Saddam regime wanted to go, which was it was reconstituting its nuclear weapons program,” Duelfer said.

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Meanwhile a soldier in Iraq pleads with Americans to listen to the president.
(Hat Tip Terry Harris and Glenn Reynolds)

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