Bush Responds to NYT's Accusations


It is interesting how the New York Times would just happen to print leaked classified information today about about Bush lifting limits on phone taps after 9/11 during the vote on the Patriot Act. Especially since this is a practice used under the previous adminstrations and both legislative and judicial branches were involved and did not act unilaterally.

Michelle Malkin informs that Senators from both parties were notified about the eavesdropping accusations by the NY Times:


Had Faris remained free, he may have likely kept forging ahead until he found the right tools, the right bridge, the right trains, and the right time to execute the al Qaeda plot.

The Bush administration argues that the NSA program that helped uncover the Faris plot was necessary because officials needed to act quickly on large caches of information, such as the data found after the Zubaydah capture in March 2002. Normally, the government obtains court orders to monitor such information from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. But the window of opportunity to exploit the names, numbers, and addresses of those associated with the top terrorist leaders was obviously small.

Contrary to the impression the piece and headline leave of an administration acting in complete secrecy and with total impunity and disregard for civil liberties, the reporters reveal that Vice President Dick Cheney, then-NSA director Gen. Michael V. Hayden of the Air Force, and then-CIA director George Tenet called a meeting with Congressional leaders from both parties to brief them on the program.

Today’s news on the actions by the Bush Administration to protect our country will take weeks to defend. In the meantime the salivating liberal media will spin this story like it was the sequel to Abu Ghraib. It is of little concern that the accusations most likely are fluff. What a disgrace.

Powerline says that the “leakers” need to be arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison. I agree! This really is getting to be too much with all of these security leaks. And yet, what’s funny is that the democrats would blast Bush if, God forbid, anything would happen in the country in the next two years.

Stop the ACLU describes how this news was taken by the Anti-American ACLU:

The scare tactics of the ACLU are typical. They want people to think that the NSA was listening while they talked dirty to their girlfriend down the road. What they purposefully leave out is that the only conversations tapped into were international ones, and that it actually nabbed several terrorists and saved an untold amount of lives.

Later on in the NY Times piece we learn that this move actually helped us catch a number of terrorists.

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