Will "W" Keep His Swagger or Keep His Distance?

The discussion continues today on the impressive and overdue speech yesterday by President Bush. Will Republicans (I would say conservatives, but that is not quite correct) have to ration the goodwill from this speech for the next six months or will the Administration, George Bush, Karl Rove, and others, decide they would rather play offense?

Jeff Goldstein put together a few reminders for the rest of us about the liberal plan to destroy Bush that goes back to 2003. You’ll notice that even though this document was discovered, it didn’t stop Democrats from going ahead with their political plan even if it meant potential failure in the War in Iraq.

A friendly reminder, courtesy of Senate Intelligence Committee member Jay Rockefeller, that what we are seeing play out now is an orchestrated effort on the part of Democrats to politicize, along partisan lines, the subject of pre-war intelligence.

Jeff has posted the full text of the memo from the office of Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa.) on setting a strategy for pursuing an independent investigation of pre-war White House intelligence dealings on Iraq.

TigerHawk pulls out an old essay to answer this age-old debate in America on what is proper dissent in a country at war. The Iraq War is not the first time this country has seen dissenters, and neither was Vietnam.

Glenn Reynolds revived the “discussion” on patriotism, yesterday.

William Kristol at The Weekly Standard (via Lucianne) continues the discussion today on President Bush’s speech from yesterday titled “Bush Fights Back”. William was impressed with the speech and like the rest of the country he is wondering it the president will continue to play offense or go back into silence.

Protein Wisdom links to Froggy Ruminations who has this to say to the anti-war left:

Liberals are Unpatriotic

Oh yeah, you read that correctly. All you liberals out there that would rather score political points against the President and Vice President than win this war hate your country. Willfully LYING about how the US came to be in Iraq is not dissent; it is sabotage of our national security. Dissenting IN GOOD FAITH is patriotic. All Americans are duty bound to speak up against the actions of our countrymen when we feel they are acting in error. But repeating lies every day to get back at the President that beat you doesn’t make them true; it makes you a traitor to this country and disloyal to the troops who are on this day protecting you.

If by legitimate dissent liberals could have convinced the American people and by extension their elected representatives that they were correct by substantially refuting Saddam’s possession and prior use of WMDs, his connections to terrorism including Al Qaeda, and his genocidal behavior toward his own Shia population, then we would not have gone to war. Liberals were not able to achieve this because Saddam was an evil dictator who actively and openly supported terrorism and had verifiably massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent people many by using chemical weapons. Those facts are not in dispute and never have been.

Froggy pulls no punches.

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